31 Jul '20

Stories Behind the Stories with Lisa Molinari and Mollie Gross

Milspouse authors Lisa Smith Molinari and Mollie Gross treat us to some much needed humor in this Military Family Books: Stories Behind the Stories video.

Using a comedic Zoom call as their venue, Lisa and Mollie chat about, among other things, humor as a love language, the effectiveness of using raisins for mindfulness, and how using humor as a response to their military life experiences helped them focus on what matters most.



Keep laughing with this awesome 3-book Laugh with Lisa and Mollie Pack:

  • Lisa’s new book The Meat and Potatoes of Life
  • Mollie’s book Confessions of a Military Wife, and
  • Stories Around the Table: Laughter, Wisdom, and Strength in Military Life (both Lisa and Mollie contributed)