07 Aug '20

Stories Behind the Stories with Nancy Polette, author of The Spy With the Wooden Leg: The Story of Virginia Hall

Children’s book author and educator Nancy Polette shares her experience writing The Spy With the Wooden Leg: The Story of Virginia Hall, a nonfiction middle grade book. Nancy hopes young girls will take a page from Virginia's story to pursue their own dreams.

Virginia Hall had a dream to become the first woman ambassador for the United States, but was turned down many times by the US State Department. So she became a master spy in the British Special Operations Executives and changed the course of WWII!

Despite a having a wooden leg, Virginia drove an ambulance in France, rescued downed airmen, radioed vital information to the Allies, and led battalions of French Resistance forces in guerrilla warfare. Often called the "limping lady," she was chased by the Gestapo but never caught.

Did you know: Nancy has written more than 170 books for children! She came across Virginia's story when she was researching for a different book.