Circle of Catholic Women Journal Pack

Circle of Catholic Women Journal Pack

$ 19.95 

Circle of Catholic Women Journal Pack

Includes one of each award-winning journal (two books total).

Circle of Catholic Women is a journal series tailored to Catholic women seeking deeper spiritual connections and life balance. The journals may be used by individuals on their own or as part of a discussion group. 

Through personal journaling and group sharing, women explore prayer, rituals and traditions, relationships, spiritual role models, values and beliefs, discernment, and life balance.

The Circle of Catholic Women program:

  • Encourages and inspires women to explore their spirituality and live their faith in all aspects of daily life
  • Fosters spiritual friendships and builds trusted circles within the parish community
  • Is a flexible program that complements existing adult faith formation

Each journal in the series includes:

  • Sections on prayer, traditions, relationships, role models, values, discernment, and life balance
  • Bible verses and references to Catholic documents and teachings
  • Journaling prompts to encourage deeper personal reflection and application to daily life
  • Suggested group discussion questions
  • Separate facilitator guide for added guidance and ideas for program leaders

The series is nonsequential so participants may begin with any journal in the series.

This pack includes Circle of Catholic Women—Journal One and Circle of Catholic Women—Journal Two by Karen Pavlicin.

Journal One topics include:

  • Personal prayer practices
  • Family traditions for Catholic holidays
  • Seeing Jesus in relationships
  • Spiritual role models Mary and Mother Teresa
  • Money and wealth
  • God’s call over life’s milestones 
  • Mind-body-spirit connections

Journal Two topics include:

  • spiritual intimacy and inspiration
  • personal rituals and routines
  • parents
  • spiritual role models Martha and Gianna Beretta Molla
  • modern science and technology
  • social justice—life and dignity 
  • energy

Juloya/Elva Resa Publishing
7-3/8"x9" Softcover 

Pack includes:
(1) Journal One: 978-1-934617-03-8
128 pages

(1) Journal Two978-1-934617-11-3
112 pages

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