Middle Grade Classroom Pack

Middle Grade Classroom Pack

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Middle Grade Classroom Pack
This collection of stories is especially appropriate for grades 4-8 in the classroom. All work well for reading aloud in class or by students individually. A variety of chapter lengths, topics, and discussion prompts make this a great set for teachers and students!

This classroom pack includes:

The Spy with the Wooden Leg: The Story of Virginia Hall (nonfiction)
by Nancy Polette

Multiple-award winning, action-packed biography. How did a young woman from Baltimore, born at a time when daughters led sheltered lives and a woman's place was in the home, become one of the bravest and most valued intelligence agents in World War II? Virginia Hall had a dream to become the first woman ambassador for the United States. Turned down by the US State Department time and again, Virginia could not stand idly by while the German army swept through Europe conquering country after country. She volunteered to drive an ambulance in France. She rescued downed airmen, radioed vital information to the Allies, and led three battalions of French Resistance forces in guerrilla warfare. Known as la dame qui boite or the Limping Lady, she rose to the top of the Gestapo's Most Wanted list and helped change the course of history as the spy with the wooden leg.

Major themes:

  • perseverance; overcoming adversity
  • fulfilling life dreams
  • WWII history
  • espionage and guerrilla warfare
  • inspiring women
  • unconventional heroes
  • living with a handicap; prosthetic limbs

5.125" x 7.5" Hardcover 
160 pages

Summer of Courage (fiction, accelerated reader list)
by Karen Pavlicin

Multiple-award winning middle grade novel, with short chapters perfect for classroom reading. Ten-year-old Andy spends the summer with Grandma in rural upstate New York, where his adventure of the heart is filled with fishing, family, friendship, and cow dung. As he faces recent changes in his life, Andy discovers what happens when you mix rotten apples with a little bit of faith.

Includes a recipe for crow's nest, rules for gin rummy, and a discussion guide. Originally published in hardcover as Perch, Mrs. Sackets, and Crow's Nest

" … an upbeat, positive story … wise, hopeful … with a subtle simplicity sure to touch hearts." – School Library Journal

" … very worthy book for any young reader … characters are well defined and interesting. The book will capture the attention of both boys and girls." – The American Author Association

" ... A simple tale that reinforces the importance of friends and family." – Linda McCullough, library director, Carthage, New York (setting of the book)

ISBN 978-1-934617-24-3
5.5" x 7" Softcover
160 pages

Military Life: Stories and Poems for Children (fiction)
written by Various Authors and illustrated by Quinette Cook

This award-winning collection of original stories and poems (varying lengths and formats, color illustrations) touches on many aspects of military life from a child's point of view. From moving to making new friends, deployment, homecoming, patriotism, and tender family moments, Military Life gives a glimpse of the many joys and challenges military children experience.

ISBN 978-1-934617-09-0 
8" x 10" Softcover
48 pages

N is for Never Forget: POW–MIA A to Z (nonfiction)
by Nancy Polette, Illust by Paul Dillon

Award-winning, fully-illustrated book for older children portrays key people, concepts, and memorials to help readers understand and honor the sacrifices endured by men and women prisoners of war and missing in action on behalf of freedom.

A to Z format interests readers of all levels and allows classroom reading and discussion of individual spreads and/or connected stories. Single lines of text describe each letter’s key message, while longer true stories complement full-page color illustrations and bring POW-MIA concepts to life.

A is for Artists whose artwork reflects the hardships of prison life. E is for Escape as determined prisoners make daring plans to regain their freedom. From Geneva Conventions to Internment, Operation Homecoming to Quartermaster Corps, Tap Code to Yellow Ribbon, N is for Never Forget takes readers on a compelling journey through wartime history.

Topics to Discuss and Ways to Honor sections prompt critical thinking, conversations, and calls to action to develop compassionate leaders of the future.

ISBN 978-1-934617-36-6
12-1/8” x 9-1/8” Hardcover
40 pages

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