Read Aloud Pack

Read Aloud Pack

$ 44.25 

Read Aloud Pack
Five great books to read aloud!

This pack includes:

The Wishing Tree 
by Mary Redman, illustrated by Christina Rodriguez

Amanda understands her dad is making the world a better place, but it doesn’t make his deployment any easier. She decides to create a small wishing tree in her room, writing her hopes and prayers on yellow ribbons that she ties onto the branches. As Amanda wishes for her dad to enjoy good meals, make new friends, and return safely, the little tree blossoms with yellow ribbons of hope. Includes information about wishing trees.

ISBN 978-1-934617-41-0
8” x 10” Paperback
32 pages

Cedric and the Dragon
by Elizabeth Raum, illustrated by Nina Victor Crittenden

Prince Cedric is slow to walk, has a tough time with reading and math, and fails miserably at dragon slaying school. But with kindness and bravery, and his love for hugs, Cedric saves the kingdom. 

This cheerful picture book reminds us there is more than one way to solve a problem and reinforces the idea that everyone has something special to offer. A gentle message about kindness with delightful watercolors and a lovable dragon.

8" x 10" Hardcover
32 pages

Military Life: Stories and Poems for Children
written by Various Authors and illustrated by Quinette Cook

This collection of original stories and poems touches on many aspects of military life from a child's point of view. From moving to making new friends, deployment, homecoming, patriotism, and tender family moments, Military Life gives a glimpse of the many joys and challenges military children experience.

ISBN 978-1-934617-09-0
8" x 10" Softcover
48 pages

The Good Fire Helmet
by Tim Hoppey, illustrated by Lori McElrath-Eslick

Tommy and Christian treasure the firefighter's helmet that once belonged to their dad. The chaplain had told them, "If you just touch your fingers to this fire helmet, its courage can be given to you. A good fire helmet has been known to do that."

Christian believes the helmet makes him brave when he gets a shot a the doctor's office and wards off scary shadows at night, but his big brother isn't so sure. Tommy's real test of courage comes the day Christian falls into the creek and is swept downstream, along with the helmet. Tommy draws on memories of his dad—and the courage he finds inside himself—to rescue his brother.

8.5" x 9.5" Hardcover
32 pages

Cathy’s Animal Garden: Enter at your own risk
by Stacy Tornio, illustrated by Samantha Bell

When Henry’s homerun ball lands in Creepy Cathy’s yard, he and his buddy Andy go after it, despite their friends’ warnings they might not come back out. The boys search through Cathy’s animal garden, discovering that things aren’t always what they seem. Kids love finding the hidden animals throughout this vibrant picture book.

Introduces children to many different kinds of plants. A flower guide and planting zone map help kids create their own animal gardens.

9"x9" Hardcover
32 pages

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